Six Days until the wedding

A July 2007 wedding at the town's gazebo.

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I’ve started counting down now.. it’s getting exciting and the bride is as calm as can be! Last week was the trauma.. the bride was in two accidents in two days. In the first, the drive shaft came off the truck in front of her and she couldn’t avoid it but at least she only popped one tired and jammed up her alignment. That car went to the shop and she borrowed her brothers ( He gets his license today! Poor guy doesn’t have a car to drive anymore) But that was not so good an outcome. She ended up in the hospital up pretty banged up and the car probably totaled. Only by Gods’ mercy was she not hurt seriously.

I’ve kept busy doing small projects. I planted a few plants and weeded. Flowers fill her pots and it looks so pretty! Hummingbirds visit each day and so do all the different color finches. It’s also been down-right COLD! DD and I are lovin‘ it.. it feels like fall here! It feels like ‘picking out pumpkins’ weather!

Today starts the last push of projects. The arbor needs to be cleaned and dressed up and ready for transporting to the wedding site. I tiled a coffee table last year when I was here and no one ever put the trim on it so I’ve got to finish that. I still need to get some shoes for the wedding and it was laid on me last night. There’s a teenie other thing I’ve got to do. I’m now the wedding coordinator! SO it looks like I’m attending the rehearsal after all! If I gotta tell everyone where to go and when then I guess I have to know what to tell them!

I’ve also got to get the fabric ready for the signature quilt, I didn’t get it cut and ironed onto wax paper before I left… I’ll also need a few more permanent markers for them to use to sign the blocks.

I’m off to dot the i’s and cross the t’s! Look for the blessings they are everywhere!



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2 responses to “Six Days until the wedding

  1. Glad you are keeping busy. Would love to have some of that cool weather-been in the upper 90s and 100s here-YUK! Good luck with the wedding plans and hope the bride will have better luck in the coming weeks.


  2. Thanks! Yes, I’m enjoying the weather.. the lows in Florida were 85! I’ll be back there soon enough!


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