The story behind the quilt …

Every quilt has a story. When I look at the quilts I’ve made I have such full memories of what was happening.. who I made them for and why I chose the fabrics and designs that I did. That might be why I enjoy reading writers that incorporate quilts into their novels like Jennifer Chiaverini, and Linda Hubalek.

The quilt recipient doesn’t see the events surrounding the process of making a quilt they see the finished quilt. But as the quilter I rarely have the finished quilt as a snapshot I still see the process. I see the individual blocks when I think of a quilt. I can still tell you where every mistake was made and every seam that did not match perfectly. I also see in my mind’s eye the process.

I remember what was happening around me as I created the quilt. When I was assembling the kaleidoscopes for #1 son’s wedding quilt we had just come home from #3 sons swim meet and he sat on the floor talking to me as I assembled them. Many conversations happen in the quilt room as I am creating a quilt and when I look at the quilt I remember most of them.

Maybe I should start keeping more notes when I make a quilt. But then maybe that’s the part I need to keep as a treasure for myself.


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