Sometimes it’s what doesn’t happen..


Image by tetraconz via Flickr

Ever notice it’s when something happens that it gets your attention.

Problems arise that frustrate us.. needles break, threads jam, our perky points get sucked down into the machine. I take it for granted when there are no problems to frustrate me. I don’t celebrate when I have perfect tension but boy do I fret when the tension is off.

When I started quilting, achieving a quarter-inch seam was a cause for celebration. Now I don’t even check them, I eyeball them without second thought. Loading a quilt on the quilting table was filled with anticipation and excitement. A new roll of batting to load was an achievement instead of drudgery. Somewhere along the way I’ve stopped looking at each task as part of the whole.

I’m going to try to focus on the celebration instead of the frustration. Celebrate the successes and the everyday experiences more and take the focus off the things that happen. It’s the things that don’t happen that should be what I’m focusing on!




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3 responses to “Sometimes it’s what doesn’t happen..

  1. Wise words. That’s something we should all do more of.


  2. I try to remember to concentrate on the details of each task and relish them. Remember the perfect stitches and forget the ones that are a little bit off. After all, you don’t want it to look like it was made by a machine!


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