Garden Maze

Longleat Hedge Maze

Image by akademy via Flickr

I’ll be setting up the signature squares for my scrappy Garden Walk Wedding quilt this week. In preparation I was looking online for patterns and it turns out there aren’t any out there like the one I sketched! Which means I must figure it out as I go! Not the kind of sign I was looking for!

I am planning the block with an off white background (the batik that is pictured above) and scrappy hot pink mazes (pictured above as black). I’m looking to make 18″ over all blocks but also they will be interlocking like in my sketch.

Garden Maze.. it would look good two color or scrappy!

 I’m still planning on doing it by strip piecing however the X blocks seem to be a bit tricky. Some have suggested doing paper pieced X blocks. Guess I’ll have to try it both ways. Again by altering it to a scrappy look navigating the seams might end up a bit tricky.

The quilting pattern has me thinking too. Since each center square will be the signature area, or sentiment area I won’t be able to do any quilting in those. Also an all over pattern is out of the question.

The more questions I come up with the more I wonder why is it I can’t just buy a book and follow a pattern? Why must I change things? I liked the block enough to say I want to make that.. then I get the “what if’s” .. what if I changed this or put this there of “did that”. I think the next quilt I make will be from a pattern and I will follow it and not change anything.

Yeah, like that will happen…

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