Fabric prices…

Mood Fabrics, Los Angeles

Image by m kasahara via Flickr

I got to visit my favorite Quilt Shop in Beavercreek yesterday.. The Mason Jar Quilt Shoppe. I only get to visit them when I’m visiting my sister. I found them three years ago just by accident ( I got lost trying to find my way back to my sisters’ house…) and I found out yesterday that was their first year open.

While trying to decide how much fabric to get on one of my choices I was reminded that fabric prices are going up.. might as well get more now. Ya know, that seemed to have slipped my mind. I just read a bunch of articles written by different manufacturers and somehow that simple truth slipped my mind!

My niece had come with me to see the store and when she heard that I think she hit panic mode! WHAT!? It dawned on me then when I saw her reaction, that I could have been using this simple truth to go on fabric binges! In fact, I can hardly stop thinking about it! Now is not the time to use your stash it’s time to HOARD!

Oh, to be young again! She was much quicker on the real issue … it’s an opportunity to build our stash without guilt. We’re saving money!!


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One response to “Fabric prices…

  1. Yes! Yes! That’s the ticket! Oh (sigh)—passing on the simple truths to the next generation. Have fun!


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