Getting there Quickly!

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I’m quickly approaching my 10,000th hit, and my half way point for the year. I started my blog on December 31st and committed to the blog-a-day challenge in January.  I had never blogged before and always wanted to. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! It took a month before I figured out I could write posts ahead of time and schedule them to post! (I hear you laughing!) I thought I would meet a few people and talk through my quilting escapades. Little did I know!  I make major mistakes daily but I’m still learning so that’s okay. Also it turns out this is a blog about being a quilter.. not just a blog about quilting. It seems that I may not always have time to sit and quilt a while but usually there is a quilt somewhere in my thoughts each day.

My DH shakes his head at the things I can get to relate to quilting! My car breaking down? Easy-peasy it’s better than your sewing machine being in the shop! My trauma and drama has a quilt in it somewhere. I’ve made it my goal to find it. Along the way each of y’all have cheered me on and laughed with me and yes sometimes just let me vent and act like a spoiled kid!

Therein lies the amazing part! I mean seriously, I knew I could talk (write) and I knew people out there read but who knew we would all be doing it together? My family asked how many visits I thought I would get the first year and I said .. wait for it… maybe 5000 by the end of the year. So as you can see I have exceeded my goal for the year. I know, I know.. there are those out there that get 10,000 in two months.. but I am not them!

I am just a little old lady who has teenagers, chickens, dogs and a husband who were tired of talking quilts! Thanks for talking with me!



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6 responses to “Getting there Quickly!

  1. I never fail to be amazed at how many new friends we make through blogging. Congratulations on all your hits.


  2. Congrats on 10,000 hits!!!


  3. jennyklyon

    I’m enjoying it with you-congratulations!


  4. Thank you for inspiring me by reading your blogs, I’ve been getting back to work on my 2nd only quilt! getting the sashing on now. I’m not quite the quilt-aholic but I enjoy the process and playing with the colors & fabric, it is the artist in me!


  5. Well done …. and don’t forget that a lot of people like me read most of your posts via a reader … which means I am hardly ever counted, and I bet I am not the only one.

    Judy B


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