Isn’t this FUN!?

Ohio Farmhouse

Image by dok1 via Flickr

It’s almost freeing when you’re not at home. You don’t have a work list of projects you’ve got to do. You just fill in where you’re needed. Why is it that doing things for others is so much more fulfilling than doing things on your own work list?  As y’all know I’m visiting my sister, and ya know I think, actually I’m sure I’ve never been here for this length of time before. It’s fun! I should have done this years ago!

I get to help plant some flower pots and fix a scanner today! I also noticed that the quilt I made one of my nieces has a tear at the seam (which tells me that I went a little too scant on that seam) so I added that to my work list. I’ll have to go and get matching thread since I didn’t bring any that would match. Isn’t this fun?

If I get the scanner done in a reasonable length of time I’ll have that quilt fixed and maybe I’ll have to start a crazy quilt. I brought muslin and a few brocades so I’ll need a velvet or two and some satins. But maybe my sis will have other things on my list.. that’s okay too! I’m here to please!



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  1. I imagine sisters are a pleasant addition to life-at least I hope so. Enjoy your time! I think we tend to see things in our own lives as just part of the treadmill of life and not getting very far very fast.


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