I’m Game…


Image by Heart Gives Unto Heart Internet Radio via Flickr

I’m one of those people who will try just about anything once. I mentioned yesterday that my cold had become bronchitis. Well once the fever starts that’s usually when I call the doctor. I’m in Ohio at my sister’s house, so not close to my doc, not to mention it was the weekend. So I ‘gamely‘ asked my sis, the naturalist/herbalist.. What ‘cha think?

Well she called her friend and on top of a bunch of herbs I was instructed to dampen and freeze a pair of socks then to put on a dry pair over them and wear them over night. My DD thought I had lost my mind as I struggled to put a frozen pair of socks! That was at 10 pm last night and I will admit I was cussing them at about 2 am as I was still up coughing and my fever had gone beyond low grade. However by 6 am my fever was gone and so was the infection in my lungs! I’m still a bit congested so I will continue on the herbs today.

How many times do we laugh away things that don’t fit our idea of the right thing to do? Things that just sound weird? When should we just try it.. I mean seriously, it didn’t cost anything, and it was pretty funny!

Who was the first person to use wax paper for applique? What were they thinking? Spray starch has been used for years but.. who thought that up? What were they thinking? It stiffens paper so lets try it on our clothes?

It still amazes me the new things that people come up with. New ways to do things, new things to do. When I first saw Tom Flynn take a line trimmer to his rag quilt I nearly fell outta my chair! It was pure genius!

So today I’m trying to keep my eyes open and look for the new and different. Hoping y’all find new and exciting treasures along your days adventures!



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4 responses to “I’m Game…

  1. jennyklyon

    Wow, never heard of the John Flynn Weedwhacker Technique! Hope you’re better for good.


  2. And how they laughed & scoffed at Jesus and still do today. Yet his ways are always the best ways!


  3. Would love to know more about the Weedwhacker Technique? I didn’t find anything on your link. Did I skim too fast? Hope you are feel much better!


  4. http://flynnquilt.com/workshop/FreeLessons/ Becky, Here’s the link to his tutorial. I saw him do this on a Fons and Porter Show and I laughed myself silly!!


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