Oh NO! Laptop has a virus

Yep.. two days into my adventure and my laptop is dead! Not the kind of sign I was looking for!

I love the weeks leading up to a wedding! It’s hectic, full of details and wrapping up plans. It’s fun for those of us not involved but watching! Last night a storm blew through and knocked out the power.. that was fun, NOT!

There’s a lot of standing around waiting and watching and I could be doing something. But alas, I’m grateful for the downtime right now. Still fighting the cold that is working it’s way into bronchitis. Not a fun thing to endure when you’re not home.

Garden Maze.. it would look good two color or scrappy!

I’ve re-thought the crazy quilt idea a few times and the wedding quilt won’t be a crazy quilt. I’m going to go with the one I sketched out last week with the signature blocks as the centers. I think it will be a scrappy one with pinks and greens or yellows. I’ll look at my stash when I get home.

I’m pretty sure there’s a quilt show near here in the next few weeks.. I ought to look that up and make it a priority to get there for a day. Yep it’s in Columbus.. I’ve got to find a way to make that happen!

I hope each of you find pockets of joy throughout your day.. and sew a little for me! I’m missing my quilt room!


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