YEAH! I’m in OHIO!


Image by PWBK via Flickr

It was a beautiful drive getting here. DD (dear daughter) was a meanie .. in Georgia I could have stopped at a quilt store.. but no so I guess taking her to the mall now that were here is out of the question!

We stopped in Tennessee, partly because we LOVE Tennessee and partly because we wanted to hear their accents! DD just thinks they sound wonderful! I still dream of moving to one of those mountains! Do you think there’s a place on a mountain that doesn’t get really cold?  I don’t do cold! In fact, Florida has been too cold for me the last few years! 

There’s a bridal shower here today. It’s the home stretch and everyone’s busy, busy, busy! I’m still on the fence about the crazy quilt.. maybe I should just wait to decide when I get the signature blocks done. Okay that’s it, no decision for now! Besides.. you know what’s right down the road from my sister’s house? Yep you guessed it a quilt store! A most delicious quilt store.. I may be inspired in a whole new direction!



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6 responses to “YEAH! I’m in OHIO!

  1. jennyklyon

    Florida too cold???? That’s a problem!


  2. I hope you have a great time in Ohio. My parents are there so I’m heading there next week. I always take my machine. This time my mom has outfits that need altering so we’ll work on that. I’m sure I’ll take some quilting projects too for any in between times I get. 😉


  3. Linda

    So glad y’all love the way we tawk in Tennessee!! I live in Georgia now and when I first moved here the people I worked with made fun of the way I talked. Geez! I thought they were the ones who talked funny.

    And no there is no warm place in the mountains during the winter. That’s what keeps me from moving back. And I agree Florida has been too cold in recent winters. We had more snow here in Georgia than I can ever remember.


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