False Start!

Rolled Label showing.. will have a ribbon around it..

Surprised? No, I didn’t quite make it. At 11:03am I had thrown the quilt into the washer, finished folding my clothes to pack and I decided.. It didn’t make sense to rush and forget something, I was already exhausted.. I had given myself wiggle room, not really planning on being there until friday.. so I sat down. Poured a stiff drink and ex-haled! (yes, a cocktail in the morning!)


Besides, you know you wanted to see the quilt finished, didn’t you? I’ll tell ya I think I may getting faster at blind-stitching. I had that label on in less than an hour! That’s something for me!

It’s noon now as I’m writing this although it won’t post until the morning. I’m off to pack up and get everything organized so I won’t forget anything important. (like my sewing machine, or my meds…) 

I’ll check back in and write the next blog once we hit the hotel.. until then.. celebrate moments throughout the day!



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2 responses to “False Start!

  1. jennyklyon

    Oh so beautiful-aren’t you proud?


    • YES! I’m tickled! I’m also glad I got pictures this way! We’re in Clinton Tn staying the night.. didnt want to push it and drive the whole shot.. will be in Ohio tomorrow morning! WOOHOO! I get to see my sister!


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