Quilt is off the table!

The binding is attached I just need to finish it up and attach the label. Then I throw it in the washing machine and I run out the door and jump in the car! So I’m just running a bit late now. Not too bad considering.

There are two four leaf clovers hidden in the shamrocks!

All in all it was a pretty quick quilt. If I didn’t get sick and have to take time off I would have been a few days ahead of schedule.  But by attaching the binding on the table it saves me at the least a couple hours.

I also remembered to buy the cream fabric for the signature blocks for the other wedding quilt. I’ll have to prep it when we get there.
all I gotta do is… finish and pack and load the car then I’ll be driving from Florida to Ohio..
I’m excited! I’m going to see my SISTER!!


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4 responses to “Quilt is off the table!

  1. Enjoy your time with your sister


  2. WOW! Exceeded my expectations-that was a quick turn around too. It’s beautiful!! And I love that you hid 2 four leaf clovers in there. What a treasure.


  3. It’s beautiful! Be careful and have fun!


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