Down to the wire..

The label is ready and I still have a few more passes on the longarm to get the quilting done. Then to attach the binding. I’m happy I learned the trick of attaching it on the longarm!

Binding on the LongArm.. saves time!

I wish I had already cut my binding and had it ready and I could have done the binding as I quilted! That picture was the last quilt where I was practicing attaching. With every quilt I learn something! I’m still a single fold binding person. It’s one of those preferences like “prewash fabric or not“, you have reasons but sometimes they only make sense to you.

I really wanted to be out of here by tomorrow morning. I’m not sure with all the other errands that it will be possible but I’m still shooting for it! You never know, it could happen! DD has cleaned the car so we have a clean slate to start with. Of course we know how messy it will be when we’re done! Yes, I’m taking a sewing machine and supplies. I thought I’d start on a crazy quilt while I’m there. You know, in my spare time! I should have had that redwork ready, but I’ve never been one to prepare ahead of time! SHOOT! I still have to run get the fabric and get it ready for the signatures! Yes, today! It has to be prewashed (let’s not get into that debate now) and treated ( I use bubble wash) so the signatures won’t fade much. Then I iron it to freezer paper so it’s easier to write on and the ink won’t accidentally bleed on another block. Then I’ll cut the blocks from the big sheets.

Gotta run.. lots to do before I sleep..

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