Toyota Commercial 6 needle Embroidery Machine

I was selling it for my Duetta Fund...

I’m designing the quilt label for the wedding quilt today. I’ll set it up to stitch out while I finish quilting the quilt. Yep I’m one of those cheaters who have the embroidery machine stitch out my sentiments for me. No one ever bought my Toyota so it will stitch out faster than it takes me to design it. Did I ever tell y’all about listing it on Craig’s List?

Oh y’all have to hear this.. it is one of the big commercial 6 needle machines, yes it is old but it runs great. I listed it for a steal .. it’s a great backup machine for a small shop. But I listed it too low, least that’s what DH said. I had a bunch of emails and calls. I had an 70 something woman come and she had never run this type of machine or used the programs that digitize embroidery. (What was she thinking?) She was here over an hour .. lessons, demos and nope too loud and too complicated.  She was one of five who said it was too loud and a few more too complicated. Then there were the ones who didn’t like the demo! I didn’t go over everything on the machine, or I didn’t give instruction on the computer program used. The Ad stated that I would NOT train on the computer program or machine, it would be  a demo only. I included the computer, the programs on the computer over 15,000 already digitized designs, but the monitor was NOT included. That was exactly how I bought it. I told them all on the phone it was loud.. I even had them listen on the phone to the machine running. One woman would only buy it if I gave her the monitor.. that was the last straw. I asked her to leave.

So I started filtering the ones that called… only if you have used this type of commercial machine. I will set it up to run ten thousand stitches. No other demos or instruction, as is where is… they kept emailing and calling yet not one knew how to use it. I ended up pulling the ad, I had demoed enough designs to make a really nice quilt.

At that point I figured I should keep it.. it runs great and I can make any size design I need up to 20 inches. It runs 50%  faster than any home embroidery machine. Now all I gotta do if find a way to fit that monster in my quilt room.

Two days of rest and I’m still sick!  Is that wrong or what?  It’s not fair! I feel like stomping my feet and crying.. but that would take way too much energy.  I have a quilt to finish!

 Hoping you find pockets of joyfilled moments today!



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2 responses to “Toyota Commercial 6 needle Embroidery Machine

  1. It is quite obvious that your machine didn’t want to leave you and go to someone who wouldn’t appreciate it. If it works so well for you, that is a good thing. Hope that you start feeling better soon.


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