Is it the process or the results that keep you quilting?

Twenty finalists were chosen for McCalls Design Star and nope I didn’t make it.. not surprising but yes a bit disappointing. I have already picked my favorite and am voting for them to win . You know I’ll be asking you nicely to vote for them too.

Thursday evening I spent a few hours looking through an old quilt book “The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America, by Carrie A. Hall and Rose G. Kretsinger”. It’s one of my favorites even if it’s just to read and look at the blocks. Just for fun I graphed out a couple of the blocks to get a feel for them.

I added the star centers but that isn't sure yet.It's the block set on point in the top left..

I thought it would look best with different colors for each dark rectangle the centers being the same (background color) and then adding something to the centers. I tried out the stars first but it could be any applique. I even thought of making them all dominoes.. I know corny but I was still pretty sick then!

It's the block set on point in the top left..

 I also graphed out another and tried way to mix it up but couldn’t come up with anything exciting with it. I have seen this block done and it is an amazing quilt so maybe I don’t need to change it.

Garden Maze.. it would look good two color or scrappy!

 I had a lot of fun playing with these blocks. Even when I can’t sit and quilt I usually have something my mind is going over or trying to fit into a quilt.

Yes, I starting quilting the wedding quilt. It was a rough start but it is actually gonna be a cute quilt pattern. I may have come up with a system that works for me. Lots of marking but that’s part of the fun. I went with the meandering shamrocks and large row of shamrocks for the border.  Unfortunately I had a bit of a set back yesterday. Seems I had adverse/allergic reaction to some of the medicines I have taken for my cold/flu combined with what I’m already taking. So I’m back on bed rest for a few days.. I may not be able to travel next week after all.. But whatever.. I’ll be there in time for the wedding and that’s the important part!

Hoping that you enjoy the process as much as the results!! 


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4 responses to “Is it the process or the results that keep you quilting?

  1. The process is more fun than the finish, because soon after that wonderful feeling of completion, the quilt leaves home! At least kids hang around for 15 to 20 years.

    Judy B

    PS I do have to think about some keepers … the originals are wearing out!


  2. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling too good, hope the recovery is quick enough not to affect the wedding plans. I like playing around with the ideas but have to admit that, to me, nothing affects the look of the quilt quite as much as the actual quilting. Seems to be able to turn something that looks pretty ordinary into something special.


    • Thanks, in time the recovery will happen.. the wedding will NOT be missed! Sick or not.. I just planned to make it an adventure.. I love the process.. I love the journey not that the destination isn’t important.. it is.. but to not enjoy the journey just doesn’t seem right?!


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