Why didn’t I practice?

Timmy is ready to GO Baby GO!!

Before loading the quilt on the table?  Why didn’t I practice with Timmy more? I mean seriously I used to have a tester quilt loaded just to spend time with Timmy. But that was years ago.. instead of making all these quilt tops that’s what I should have done! (You’re wondering who Timmy is? He’s my Tin Lizzie I name everything, just about!) You guessed it. I have the wedding quilt loaded on the table and now… I have cold feet! I spent an hour doodling yesterday just to see which patterns I would be able to get my hand to do.

As you can see my hand is really shaky...

 It was pretty shaky so I hoped by getting some rest and getting up fresh would help. Nice try .. unfortunately this is as good as it’s gonna get. The last few quilts I did, I went really slow and had points to hit marked. I may have to do a bunch more marking just to make sure this one flows right. I’m using a variegated green thread and it’s going to show up on the white. I did leave tails on the borders to test tension so I’ll play a little there first. I will also be attaching the binding while it’s up there.

It would be easier to echo quilt the green squares. I have a straight edge to help, maybe I should do that instead of meandering. See! I’m driving myself nuts here.

I’m learning to accept my limitations and while pushing my limits.. hope you find your happy place today!



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6 responses to “Why didn’t I practice?

  1. jennyklyon

    Yes, in a perfect world where we think about everything before we do it, you would have practiced on Timmy. All you can do here is go for it. You have lots of experience and you know your motif so maybe you should just go for it. My motto is “just go forward”-that’s all you can do! Go for your shamrocks-with all those points, you have resting points anyway. It WILL be beautiful!!


  2. Thanks! I needed the encouragement.. I’m still sitting here looking at the blasted thing!! Shamrocks it is!


  3. Your practice design is going to be so perfect! The biggest “step” is always the first one and you will be the only one that sees what you may determine are ‘imperfections’. Relax and enjoy it will be beautiful and so loved 😉 Doreen


  4. I think this quilt is absolutely beautiful and making shamrocks on it will make it stunning. I am rather jealous of your Timmy. What a dream it would be to own one of those. No doubt in my mind that the recipients will be blown away by it’s beauty.


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