Days to go…

I’m just about back on schedule..okay, not really but I’ve gotta start my day thinking positively, right? It could happen!

I’ve got six rows done and two to go.. Then to border then to piece the back.. That’s all I’ve gotta do to catch up. Well, also get it on the table. I have one errand to run this morning and the rest of the day is free. I’m having a “what was I thinking moment“. I’ve had a few of those lately.

I’ve still got to get the fabric for the signature blocks for the next wedding quilt. The fabric needs to be prewashed and treated so the signatures won’t run or fade. Then I need to cut it and mount it onto wax paper so it won’t move around when they’re writing on it. I’ll also need to make a sample so I don’t have to stand there and explain it to everyone each time. I’m thinking out loud just so I won’t forget something. You know I will but hey, there are stores up there too. I’m thinking about taking my travel sewing machine with me. You know, just in case? I’m driving so there’s plenty of room.

Oh yeah, the McCalls Design contest ends tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll know anything until friday. With the quality of quilts on there I don’t see getting too far but I’m still hoping! It’s a fun diversion. Some of those quilters are spectacular paper piecers.

 Ready, set, go! I’m into the final days of this quilt.. hope you cross your finish line too!


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