Deep breath… quilt half assembled

Status Update

I really like it! It’s coming together nicely but.. you knew that was coming right? I’ve been up since 2am yesterday with DD who is sick. Assembling the quilt as she napped. Which of course means I’ve messed with my inner clock! It’s like jet lag.. everything is moving in slow motion. Which is really kinda funny! At this speed I’m catching the mistakes before I make them. I’ll see I can stand still enough to get a decent picture of my progress.

I’m still blown away by the leaders and enders post. I think I was the only one here who had never heard of it! So what else are y’all not sharing?  Quilt Obsession and her use of Ink Lingo fascinates me too.. I keep visiting her blog just to see if I’m ready to try it. Not yet.. but soon!

Okay I was just informed the deadline looms and it’s now days until I have to leave town! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN! I wasn’t paying attention! I haven’t even started washing clothes and figuring what to pack???

DID I MENTION, the quilt isn’t ready??? AHHHHGH!  Get back with y’all later.. hope you’re day isn’t stuck in slow motion and if it is that you too can catch the mistakes beforeyou make them!


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