One of THOSE posts..

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Yep, it’s going to be one of those posts that truly have no substance. Somehow before you know it, you have consumed two-hundred words and feel none the wiser for it. If I had time I would camouflage the truth of that statement but I don’t as once again I am late, late, late. I’m not sure, maybe I did fall down a rabbit hole. I assure you that, if that could happen then it has happened to me!

By now, you know the drill. I have one quilt on the table ready for quilting, one at the machine ready for piecing and half a dozen in my head all screaming to be born! All these thoughts are swirling around until I grab onto one thought and POOF! a blog is born for the day. Sometime’s I can’t stop at one thought and spew thoughts until I am relieved and once again think clearly.

Right now, I am unable to spew thoughts as I have one thought and one thought only. GET THIS QUILT DONE. Stop dilly-dallying and start sewing. Lock the door, crank up the music and put the hammer down!

Total word count 205, Was I right or was I right?


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