Memory Quilts

Have you ever known something but not really KNOWN it? You’ve read about it, but until you’ve tried it.. you really don’t understand what you’ve gotten yourself into? I’ve had quite a few quiltz like that.. the kaleidoscope was one and so was the 4 inch twister. I very nearly lost my mind.

No, the D4P isn’t one of those.. I’m thinking about the next quilt, the one due two weeks after this one. I was thinking of bringing 7″ starched blocks to the wedding and setting them up by the sign-in book then making a memory quilt out of them. I could snag some pictures and incorporate them into the mix. I saw a blog of someone who did this ( please forgive me I can’t find the link ). I’m not sure I loved her quilt design but her idea is still festering in my subconscious. I wanted to spin it into a crazy quilt. I’ve done a couple (okay about twelve) and they’re fun but I’ve never added the signature blocks to them.

I know it takes about two weeks once I have the pictures to complete so I think it’s do-able. The big question.. can I take this on if I actually get into the Design Star contest and make those quiltz too? Maybe I should just jump… and see what happens??

I’m gonna continue to think as I sew today.. got back really late so I didn’t get any blocks completed. It does look like I will be able to get into one of the medical trials that are showing promise. However they don’t start until August. Sunlight is burning.. y’all have a DE-Lish-OUS day!


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  1. Fabulous idea-do it! If you have a time crunch with the contest, consider it a good problem.


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