One Block at a time..

Here we go!!

I’m getting there .. I know, I was supposed to be done with the blocks and as you can see. That’s not happening as quickly as I had planned. I just can’t seem to stay on task.

Seems like the whole year has been this way.. with me wandering aimlessly and taking twice as long to get things done.
I’m enjoying this block and if I had paid more attention it would have been a bit simpler. I spun the seams ironing all the four patches. So now when I’m re-assembling I should have turned them in such a way that they would lock. Don’t know why I didn’t. But the reassembled patches are pretty darned perky. So I may just continue the way I’ve gone.
First ironing seams spun .. second away from four patch

 I still have about forty-six more blocks to go! Maybe not as quick a block as I thought but I’ll tell ya .. it’s a really fun block and with the right color placement you could have secondary designs going on! I’ve a doctors’ appointment this morning which means with travel time I should be home by noon. Hoping to get a few more blocks done this afternoon!

Until tomorrow.. make a joyful noise! WOOHOO!



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2 responses to “One Block at a time..

  1. It is looking great! Good luck at the doc!


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