Disappearing Four Patch

The first test block is done..

Whoop WHoop! Yep I’m having fun!!

Cut and ready
Sewn back together..

Only ten more strip sets to cut and sew and cut and sew then piece! I think I got that sequence right? LOL! I might actually have this done in time! Thanks again Jenny and Quilt Fever! This is a fun block!



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2 responses to “Disappearing Four Patch

  1. Beth Wallace

    I am wondering what size the original blocks and pieces were before you cut them. I have looked through your blog but cannot find this informations. If you could email them to me I would appreciate it so much! Love the clean and crisp look of the green and white!

    Thank you!


    • Beth, Sorry it took so long to awnser.. somehow you ended up in the spam folder! The Squares were 5 inches Or the 4 patch 9.5 I cut the center strip @ 2 inches to a finised size of 1.5 inches.. the whole reason for no measurement is that there is no rule. You can cut them any size!


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