Are they quilt-worthy?

I’ve made quite a few quilts for wedding gifts. It’s a occassion right up there with babies that seems to require a quilt. But I’ve found that some people don’t understand the gift. So I’ve now cut back to making quilts for who I think actually want one. I have seen a quilt I spent a year making become a dog bed and I’ll tell ya.. it was sickening!

Don’t get me wrong, I make quilts for dogs too. My grand-dogs have all gotten quilts. Of course my grand-dogs are perfect so maybe that’s different. I also know that babies become toddlers and drag quilts around with them so, no that’s not the point either. I’m talking ripped up, stained and never washed. A velvet, satin and brocade crazy quilt with over 80 hours of embroidery dog bed. I know that I can’t control what happens after I gift a quilt .. this quilt in question was taken from who I gifted it to and they called me and asked me to repair it when they found it and got it back.

How do you decide who is quilt-worthy? I think all babies are definitely quilt worthy.. although some of the parents don’t always qualify. When I make a baby quilt I try to make it as sturdy as possible. I made quilts for a set of twin boys and I’ll tell ya (they were over a year old at the time) and I’ve never seen such a reaction. They loved those quilts! Hugged them, dragged them around traded them to each other and showed them to everyone. If those quilts get worn out it’s because they were well loved and to me that’s what a quilt is for. I’m probably gonna make those boys quilts for their big boy beds too!

I’ve started the wedding quilt and have been thinking about the couple I’m making it for. Yes, I did pick a quick and easy pattern because I had other quilts I was making and I admit just plain forgot. But the fabrics, colors and love I’m putting into this quilt is important to me. I’m sure it will be used and loved.. that for me is quilt-worthy!



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2 responses to “Are they quilt-worthy?

  1. Great post. This is something that definitely has to be thought about when making a quilt.


  2. I think this weighs heavy on our minds. We want the receiver to appreciate this token that we have put much effort into—often with heart and soul-and money, but there are people who will never see quilts and other handmade things like this. I agree about being choosy who should receive this type of gift. Just like the mini crazy quilts I made last year that a friend loved so much that she bought them to give to friends and people we know. She wanted to share this with others because it was a part of me and they reminded her of the past. At least one person didn’t appreciate it. It hurt but I had to let go and understand this is the type of person she is. Our feelings may get hurt when we differ in our various perceptions, so this is how I decide (lately)… If people give me material to quilt (not for them but just to use), they need a quilt of some sort. If someone praises my quilting, they need to be vetted but they need something. Anyone else, only if I get around to it…… Great post! Pardon my response. Take care!


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