Stuck.. time to punt!

Nope, the circles are not finished and I’m running out of time so.. yep you guessed it! I have to set it aside to get that wedding quilt done this week.  I know, I know I’m cutting it kinda close here.

Still attaching bubbles!

But alas, I’m kinda funny that way! Now you see why it was so important to have a quick pattern all ready and thought through with the colors and fabrics ready to jump into! So today I put Batik Bubbles aside and clear the area and start cutting the D4P.. I hoping the break will rev me up so I can jump back into BB and get-r-done after the wedding quilt is finished. I can dream, right?

This is the picture from Quilt Fever... mine will be greens and white

Okay I’m starting with a 4.5 inch strips instead of 5 inch. I can’t help it, I always change something and I really like smaller blocks. I haven’t done the math yet to see how big that  will be.  I’m just gonna jump and see what happens!

There’s only nine days until the first cut in the McCalls Design Star contest. There’s no way to know how I’m doing .. I’m not sure why they don’t show so you know if you’re even in the running. There are some really amazing quilts on there. A huge bunch I would like to emulate!! I think it’s going to be fun to watch the quilts that are created through this.

Until tomorrow.. y’all have fun now, ya hear?



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4 responses to “Stuck.. time to punt!

  1. Check this gal out, such detail and color. Especially her version of circles! It was sent to me by a friend via face book from


  2. Love the bubbles, and the fabrics you are using for the dissapearing nine patch are awesome!


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