I quilt for therapy..

I was reading Garden2days post this morning.. she writes about hand quilting and stitches per inch, Setting goals and consistency. She brought up the fact that as quilters or actually doing most things we strive to improve. We start out comparing  ourselves to others, trying to acquire basic skills. Then as we improve we begin to set our goals to compete against ourselves. 

The more I thought about this, the more it circled in my head.. I thought WHAT? You mean to tell me I’m not ever going to be satisfied with what I’ve done? I’m going to pick at every quilt and point out every error I’ve made? That wouldn’t be hard since I seem to keep making the same mistakes so they’re easier to find. No, that wasn’t what she said.. but that’s what I heard. My knee jerk reaction was OH MY WORD!

Garden2day states:”I dare not get frustrated with my biggest release in life.”

I am my worst critic.. but I don’t quilt for perfection.. I quilt for therapy. My quilts are not for show they are for love, the love of fabric, the love of color, the feel of a fresh washed quilt. Oh and sound of Vern humming my tune.. just for me.

Yes, I try to make a quilt with perky points and seams that match. I try new techniques and put colors and textures together just to see what will happen. But she’s right.. we do try to improve but that is not what we’re doing here.. it’s so much more!



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7 responses to “I quilt for therapy..

  1. jennyklyon

    Me too! I start each Free Motion class I teach with “I am a recovering perfectionist”, which is true! It’s not about thread and fabric, it’s about what fills the soul-my own and others and what gives us joy.


  2. Wow. You bring a smile to my face. I think we are too hard on ourselves. We should quilt for therapy; quilt for love; quilt for others…whatever helps us to feel whole–complete.


  3. “the love of fabric, the love of color” that is me too! I was trying to figure out what type of squares I wanted between the “crazy quilt” squares. the theme is the “color wheel”, no wheel tho. I didn’t want to put them all together. So….I reorganized all my fabric pieces in order of the color wheel just to view them all and it was fun and gave me new inspiration! The idea I came up with seemed so simple but didn’t come till I played with the fabric.


  4. My quilts are not made for perfection, or for show.They are made for ‘love’. I love to make them and to see them used. Each one is unique.
    My interpretation of a pattern or the person who is to recieve it.


  5. I guess I still have the desire to get what is in my head to happen with the fabric.. but the process is still therapy to me… I LOVE the process!!!


  6. Hi I have been blogging for well over a year now, and much to my chagrin my husband just discovered what the commentless comments are in my unanswered comment box! I am sorry I did not acknowledge your link to my post in a timely fashion. I was clueless. I am glad you found the post helpful and I hope some of your readers did as well. I enjoyed reading over parts of your blog. I love your twister quilt. I did a small wall-hanging like that only with two colors. Next time I will do one like yours with several colors.


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