Fab-u-lous Fri-day!

Doodle-a-Day sheet

Image by CaZaTo Ma via Flickr

That’s right, today is Fabulous!

I’ve already decided!

So there!

Status update on Batik Bubbles … five circles to go , baby! I’m picturing different quilting patterns and fills. I’m going to print out a few pictures of it and doodle on it tonight. Of course first I have the metallic thread painting. I’m at a toss-up on that too so lots of doodling.

I start cutting for the wedding quilt too.. greens and white, not enough time for the “red work” so I’ll save that for the second wedding quilt and it will be red. I’m going with the disappearing four patch as Lynda wrote in her tutorial, the one Quilt Fever shared the link that Quilt Skipper suggested when I was at a loss. I’m very grateful that Jenny (AKA: Quilt Skipper) suggested it and shared the link! I already decided on an all over pattern for the quilting.. shamrocks.. more doodling practice before I start but it should go fast.

I’ve got a small project to work on with DH. I also have to wash the dogs and spray the yard. Fleas are already getting bad here and it’s not even summer!

I know, no pondering or pontificating about quilting today.. I’m sure you’re all disappointed.. I’ll get back to that tomorrow!

Wishing each of you moments of pure joy throughout your day!!

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3 responses to “Fab-u-lous Fri-day!

  1. I love this quilt on her site!!


  2. I agree! I loved that post.. it’s just like being at the show!


  3. jennyklyon

    I love your last sentence-wishing us moments of pure joy throughout our day. To me, that’s what quilting is about, pure joy! Thank you-joy back at ya!


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