A place for everything, and everything in its place?

Kristina Pardue Abstract Paining Run, run, runThat statement may be true.. in others people’s worlds. Just doesn’t seem to happen in mine!

I’ve gone over to people’s houses and they apologise at the door how messy their homes are. BWAHAAHAA! Seriously? when I tell you my home is messy, I mean you have to dodge stuff piled on the floor, the counters are covered and there’s a good chance the trash is so full its teetering! And if you’re I friend, I don’t warn you.. I figure you’d expect no less!

My quilt room where I am the only visitor is messy at times (this should read – MOST of the time!). Every surface becomes covered in here too! Once upon a time I did have a handle on it. I put things away after I used them then I noticed I’d be bringing the same stuff right back out for the next project.. so I thought “why put it away?”

Then I started more rationalizing.. “don’t bother putting that away you may use it on the project after this one“, “why put away the ironing board, between projects?”, “keep your tool boxes stacked at the door, you know someone wants to use them and you don’t want them going through your quilt room

I have come up with some farfetched rationalizing! So out there that it even made me laugh at myself. But I’ve noticed that maybe in my madness I’ve come up with a place for everything after all.  I have no problem finding things, I know where they are. Although I am usually using a couple of rulers the rest are hung on hooks depending on their size. When I have to put everything away to pull the quilting table to the center of the room, there isn’t a stack of stuff leftover. Not only that!! Wait for it….it takes less than five minutes to put everything away!

So for me messy is a good thing, although sometime I get a bit warped in my rationalizing, Starting off with a clean slate isn’t really possible once you’ve started collecting scraps. And some stuff you just shouldn’t put away! 


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