Comedy of errors

My Sis is driving from Florida to Ohio alone.. she blew out a tire this morning at 5am getting back on the interstate. This was the beginning of the strangest story ever.. and it keeps getting funnier. Well, she can only laugh now since she just got her first cup of coffee, before that.. her sense of humor just wasn’t there. She’s in Clinton Tennessee at a tire store now.. yes she has AAA, that’s how she got there. The tires are brand new and yes the spare in on the back, it’s a Honda CRV. It’s now been 4 hours and twenty dollars.. at least a dozen good ol’ boys and cat-fish stories.. oh yes and a really  BUFF  AAA driver who took his shirt off! And they still haven’t got the spare off the back! 
Some days it is the comedy of errors that have us shaking our heads. You just couldn’t make up a story like that! Of course it’s not funny while you’re living it.. until you hit the point where it’s inconceivable that all those things could happen at once.
Did I mention that I ran out of iron on stabilizer while making all those circles? Well it turns out.. I used water soluble stabilizer on most of them there circles! Yes I did! Ever used a steam iron on water soluble stabilizer? Yep you know I did! Some days I wonder about myself too!  I couldn’t get them ironed on, maybe I needed steam? I don’t know.. how is it I used water soluble and didn’t notice that’s the big question!
At least I’ve only got about fifteen more to sew down.  But at this point I may take the rest of the day off.. there’s no tellin’ what’s gonna happen next!


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2 responses to “Comedy of errors

  1. jennyklyon

    sorry, but that’s a giggle! Of course I have NEVER done anything like that…


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