Each quilt has a story line….

Coming Home

Image by Images by John 'K' via Flickr

Have you been to the airport at midnight? It’s actually pretty entertaining. I enjoy watching people see each other for the first time in a long time.. the tears of joy, the hugs. That time of night it’s only people arriving so it’s mostly about happiness. You see the good part. The reunion. That’s only part of the story though.

Making a quilt has snap shots like that. Good parts you can take a picture of and see and enjoy. But there is so much being done that you don’t see. There are parts you experience in the process that you really can’t take a picture of. And even some you don’t want to take pictures of… the not good parts. Those are the things that make up the whole story.

Every quilt maker has their own favorite tasks and least favorite tasks. The snap shots different for each of them. Attaching the binding used to be my least favorite, now it’s one of my favorites. I used to love cutting up all the fabric to ready for a quilt now it’s one of my least favorite parts. The first completed block is still the best to me. The mistakes we make, sometimes we share those sometimes we remake to eliminate them. The parts we don’t share that make up the whole story are the same for each quilter I would think. It’s the decisions we make along the way.

It’s hard to quantify and break down each decision and the order we make the decisions in. Sometimes it’s the fabric that helps the quilt design along. Sometimes it’s a block that chooses the fabric. I’ve seen some quilts that look like they were designed around a quilting pattern. Through the unseen parts you come to the snap shot .. the moment it all comes together and works yet even then, still not the whole story.



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2 responses to “Each quilt has a story line….

  1. jennyklyon

    This really resonates with me-I always say every quilter has a story-and they do! You may not hear it, but it almost always goes way beyond fabric and thread. Enjoyed this!


    • Thanks, it was the unknowns in a story that was my query today.. there are so many.. and they have such impact on the picture.. I entertained myself with making up stories in my head for all the people at the airport.. *snicker*.. I found I was even doing that with my quilts when I knew their story..


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