Quilting revolves around life..


Image by meophamman via Flickr

My Dear Husband thinks I talk a lot. So I explained to him (in great detail) I don’t get much opportunity to have real conversations being home with HIM   24/7/365 !  So when we met #3 sons friends father for the first time and he expressed an interest in quilts? DH rolled his eyes and I had a conversation! Is it wrong that it lasted nearly two hours? I don’t think so. But when he re-told the story yesterday for my Big Boys? They all had a good laugh about me hi-jacking the conversation after the word quilt came up.

Today I had lunch with an OLD friend.. not that she is old  but it was a friend from YEARS ago.. and we talked a bit about the old days.. when life was ..  well lets just say between then and now.. I’ve done enough with her as a witness to not have lived this long. So after today I just might have a hi-jacking the conversation proclivity.. but I’m not gonna admit that to him!

But still when the word quilt comes up.. it’s something I can talk about and not think.. it’s easier for me to talk.. no stammering or stuttering.. just thoughts flowing .. just like talking with an old friend who knows you and doesn’t judge.. you just share life.

I’m grateful for friends from old and friends from quilting.. I don’t have to think about the answers or worry about being judged.. I can just share life. 


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