A Day for Mothers.. and those who mother..

Mother's Day

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Today is a day to celebrate the women in your life that nurtured and taught you. Those women who took care of not only your basic needs but loved on you. I don’t think it has anything to do with giving birth. Now don’t get me wrong here, I did give birth to four really strange children.. I didn’t make them this way, honest, they were like that when they were born .. okay,I may have helped their peculiarities grow..

Take a moment to think of all the women that have stepped through your life that taught you, that loved on you.. I think women like that are special.. let’s face it we’re not all nice like that.. going a step beyond. I hope I have been.. at least a time or two.

My Mom is and has been my best friend for my entire adult life. She’s always there to listen , to laugh, to nag, and to build me up when I have torn myself down. Her love is unconditional and unending. But there have also been women throughout my life that I have learned so much from. They took the extra time to talk, to teach, to love.

On this day I think of each of them.. they all have left traces of themselves in my life. I thank God he put them in my life to mother me. And to teach me how to mother.. not just the children He gave me but also those he put in my path.

I wish  you a Happy Mothers’ Day.. and to the guys out there who are the mothers in their children’s lives, you deserve this day too. I would like to think it is the act of mothering we are recognizing.. not the act of giving birth.



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3 responses to “A Day for Mothers.. and those who mother..

  1. Happy Mom’s day 😉


  2. May your life be truly blessed on this Mother’s Day! Take care!


  3. jennyklyon

    Well said-I feel overwhelmingly blessed by my own Mother and the other women in my life with strong influence. Wishing you a wonderful day!


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