Raw Milk Illegal.. Feds set up sting!

Raw Almond Milk

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Did you know.. it is illegal to buy raw milk? And that the Feds set up sting operations to catch people who sell their milk to people who want raw milk.

The Washington Times Reports that:

It’s a battle that’s been going on behind the scenes for years, with natural foods advocates arguing that raw milk, as it’s also known, is healthier than the pasteurized product, while the Food and Drug Administration says raw milk can carry harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and listeria.

“It is the FDA’s position that raw milk should never be consumed,” said Tamara N. Ward, spokeswoman for the , FDA whose investigators have been looking into Rainbow Acres for months, and who finally last week filed a 10-page complaint in federal court in Pennsylvania seeking an order to stop the farm from shipping across state lines any more raw milk or dairy products made from it.

Okay, so this doesn’t have anything to with quilting.. I know.. but seriously I just had to talk about it! My sister had to buy a share of a cow in order to legally purchase raw milk in Ohio. I thought it must be an Ohio thing but… nope.  It’s FEDERAL!

No, I don’t use raw milk. I hear it’s an acquired taste. But I just can’t imagine eating cheese from pasteurized milk .. I wonder.. why illegal? One person got sick? Ten? One Hundred? Why then, isn’t spinach illegal? Eggs?  Why don’t we have to buy everything pasteurized or “treated” with chemicals?

Okay getting off my soap box now.. back to quilting


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