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I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately. It took a month to finally plug my speakers in and I really missed it. Music inspires me,  it heals sadness, not to mention the entertainment. Right now I’m waking up to Boom by Snoop Dogg. A friend sent me a video on You tube of Roger Miller singing King of the Road. I still think he was a genius and have all his albums. Then there’s Bon Jovi… why are they so soothing to me? Then we can go back to my roots, old school Bocephus, Willie Nelson, David Allen Coe.. now I’m listening to Hip Hop/Rap. So I would guess you would call me eclectic in my music tastes.

What does this have to do with quilting? Everything.. at least to me.. my quilt designs reflect the mood I’m in, the joy I feel, and the rhythm I’m tuned to. Contemporary, traditional, or urban.. Maybe because of my eclectic tendencies in everything I jump around a lot. It’s not a bad thing, really.

When I look at a quilt I try to picture the quilter by her choice of design. I’m beginning to think that I’m trying too hard to pigeon-hole or type cast people. When you look at one of my quilts you would never picture me. You’d have to see all of them together.. but would you be able to picture me? I think so… at the least I wouldn’t surprise you when you met me.

I’ve been surfing a bunch of quilters’ blogs and am amazed by the voices behind the quilts. Quilters have a depth in their quilts that too many times we overlook. I love to hear the stories. Don’t get me wrong, tutorials are fun but to hear the stories makes me love the quilts more even when I’ve already adored them. It gives me a sound track.. a beat behind the music of the quilt..

PSSST… don’t forget you can vote everyday for my quilt to the right there>>> THANKS!


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  1. jennyklyon

    Rock on!


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