The Voting has begun!


The voting started Monday for McCall’s Quilt Design Star contest and ends Wed, May 25 2011 for the first round of this contest. You can vote once per day per computer. There are 93 contestants. Yep, I am one of them.

I’m number 51 of 93 and the Name of my quilt is First Humming Bird Sighting. I’ll be lucky to get through the first round as there are some really stunning quilts on there. You’ve really got to go and see them. I just happened on the site two days before the cut off for entry so I picked a picture of one of the quilts I had made that was already on my computer. Yep, I punted! What can I say? At least I entered, right?

I still don’t know if we have to send the quilts in and if we do I may have to threaten or bribe my sister as I gifted it to her for Christmas last year. It does have a very nifty label though.

She’s my only sister but she likes to be called the Favorite…

It looks like an amazing contest! I read up on last years’ winner and WOW! She is very talented! Her quilts are inspiring! The quilting is just ___… okay you’ve just  got to go see!

I’d like to at least make the first round just for the experience.. so please vote for me! Oh yeah, I was just reminded.. you can vote everyday!!


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2 responses to “The Voting has begun!

  1. jennyklyon

    I voted-your quilt is beautiful! I think contests are fun-glad you entered. Did you know you can vote daily?


    • It is fun.. yes I just figured that out! HAH! I’m a bit slow in the uptake! I thought it had to be a quilt you still had in your possession too or at least could send it in! I was wrong about that.. oh well.. yeah! It’s starting to get me jazzed!


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