Status update..


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In between the wash-dry-fold of eight loads of laundry I have now attached half the circles to my quilt! Yeah for me!


Still attaching bubbles!

However… in man handling the quilt sewing them I somehow detached a few and had to figure out where they went. (maybe that interfacing was a bit old, the ones that had Aleene’s stuck firm) I’ll tell ya, it’s always something with me! Well it’s not rocket science .. I adapt to change and challenge!

Speaking of which, in order to start cutting the next quilt and get this one on the table I really need to straighten up around here. I think gremlins come in and mess things up when I’m not looking! There’s just no way that I created all this mess!

Today I’m back on errand duty. I’ve been taking care of my moms’ errands for her. It really stinks that we have to grow old.. it’s even worse when our parents get old! It happens almost overnight, one minute everything is fine then you start getting glimpses that things aren’t so fine after all. Then BLAM-O it smacks you in the face! I’m past the denial stage and into the anger phase now. I sure hope this phase goes as quickly. There’s just too much to do to waste time and energy being angry. 

So, I’m back to attaching circles and probably another six to eight loads of laundry.. Yesterday was just blankets, sheets, towels and rugs! OH-VEY! Then back on errand duty this afternoon.. I hope each of you find pockets of joy throughout your day!



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2 responses to “Status update..

  1. It’s ironic that you comment about your mother today. A few minutes ago, I replied to a letter in which I discussed the passing of my grandmother and the impact that this will have on my father.

    Three years ago, just as you describe, she took an almost instant, major downturn. Since then, my father and one of his sisters have been her primary caretakers. Watching the phases you mention and the amount of work involved, it is a sad reality of life. But, at some point, my dad embraced it. He never relished the task, in fact, rather frequently complained of how exhausting it was, but he also said “it is what it is.”

    Anyhow, my grandmother passed on Good Friday. She was 89. Her body failed before her spirit. Though her passing was ultimately a blessing, I now worry about my father. While there must be a sense of relief in knowing he does not have the added responsibility of caring for her, I can only imagine that after having been such an integral part of her daily life that there is also a tremendous void in the parts of his life that she “filled in.”

    What’s the point of me sharing this? Well, maybe a bit for me to give voice to my concern, but also for you. Now that my grandmother has passed, my dad’s comments are not of how tiring the last few years were, rather, of the blessing it was to be able to spend time and witness those special moments he would have missed had she not needed him as she did. I don’t know that this will be the case for you, but hopefully somewhere in all the difficulty, there is a blessing, too.


    • Thank you so much, her husband is in end stages and usually doesn’t know who I am.. she has been the care giver and now she is not what she was, I worry about them both.. what to do that is best for the both of them. She is 75 and he is 78.. they have been married 4+ years. She is wearing herself out and is not remembering important things.. each day spent with them is a gift.. but we’ve come to the point they shouldn’t be left alone … I see the blessings.. I’m trying to get past the hurt and anger.. my sister has been the strength through out this.. I have been the weak link.


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