Redwork can be green, right?


So what do you think? Red work can be green.. I mean they also do it blue so why not green? I just found this design at Quilting Bee Designs. I’ve been looking for something to work on while I have to watch TV in the evenings. I think I should be able to do this without too much trouble (my hands should cooperate). I thought it would make a pretty center for a wedding quilt and as it turns out I have yet another wedding to attend this summer! Of course the other quilt doesn’t have to be green but I’ve already made her a red and white quilt so maybe blue.

Yes, I have an embroidery machine but hand stitching is just.. well you can tell the difference. Not to mention I have got to find something to settle me while I watch TV with DH. I’m one of those people that would rather read a book. I’ll tell ya though when I’m hand stitching a binding onto a quilt while watching TV he gets a bit put off sometimes. “Aren’t you ever gonna put that down?” It’s hard to explain, why I like to keep my hands busy, or crawl into a book.

Well I’ve got errands again tomorrow and about a ba-zillion loads of laundry to do today. I got up at 3am so it will most probably be a nap day.  But yes, I will sew on at least three more circles!



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3 responses to “Redwork can be green, right?

  1. I think redworking can be any color you want, you just may not be able to call it red-work. I think green would be great. Good luck on your finding something to do while watching TV and your errands.


  2. Personally – I think you could do it in any color you wanted as long as it went with the theme of the blanket. I just don’t think it’d be called ‘Redwork’ anymore. But, eh, green would look nice. (I may be biased as green is my favorite color!)


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