Too much time Surfing!

Still attaching bubbles!

Nope, haven’t made any headway on the circles.. still a ton more to blanket stitch. I guess I’m gonna have to set some type of goal for myself. It seems like the only way I can stick to anything.

I’ve got errands to run half of today which means I better fill that crock pot soon or we aren’t gonna eat tonight. Earlier this morning I posted the new tutorial I found on the Quilting Boards.. these women are unbelievable! I’ve spent way too much time this morning ogling all their quilts! I think I bookmarked a dozen or so just because I had not seen anything like it before!

 I think I may switch to-night sewing again. I used to do most of my sewing at night and got a lot more done. Not to mention it’s so much cooler at night! It was still 93 degrees at 7pm yesterday! (The television drives me nuts anyway.) I did decide on the D4p and will start cutting that either tonight or tomorrow in between sewing circles.

Hope your day goes as planned and that you find little pockets of joy throughout the day!


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