Nancys’ version of a 9 patch


This is a quote from Nancy’s response and following is her tutorial as best as I can copy it..

A few years ago, I met a quilter and knew I wanted to try it. Finally, in 2010, I bought a sewing machine and some charm packs and made my first quilt top in October 2010. I fell in love with fabric and started buying fat quarters in collection sets. I found a pattern I liked and made another quilt top from one of my sets and loved it. (I’m still working on quilting that one.)

When I wanted to use my collection of batik fat quarters, I couldn’t find a pattern that spoke to me. I saw so many D9P on the forum that I liked, so I decided that would be an easy and effective use of the beautiful fabric. After all my blocks were completed and I laid out the final design, I was dissatisfied with the look. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t “wow” me. I took several of my blocks and folded them twice into triangles. I laid four out into a new square and decided I liked that better. I didn’t want to just cut all of the D9P blocks because I knew it would become a (bias) nightmare. I had been reading and watching a lot of quilt sites and thought about the technique for making 1/2 square triangles of sewing all around the sides of two blocks together and then cutting them. I took two blocks and tried it and it worked! I found the “wow” factor! (Caution: those bias cuts are somewhat minimized using this technique, but there are bias cuts and care needs to taken to not stretch the fabric.)

First, I made 9 patch blocks. Mine were created totally at random. I used 22 fat quarters from a collection and only a couple of repeats. I started by cutting 8 inch strips and sewing 3 together, trying to alternate lights and darks. However, I had more lights, so it got challenging! I cut the three’s in 8 inch strips, put 3 together and made my 9 patch. I tried not to over think it as I put them together, but you would have to make that determination based on the fabrics you are using. Then I cut the 9 patch in half both ways to do the D9P design.

9 Patch cut for D9P

Take 2 D9P squares and put right sides together. Set the “small” squares (that were the center of the 9 patch) at alternate ends.

I pinned them in each corner to help prevent slipping. Start sewing in one corner 1/4 inch in from the edge. When you get to the next corner, stop 1/4 inch in and turn the fabric. Sew all 4 sides.

Lay the sewn together square on your cutting mat and line the corners up with the straight lines. Cut vertically point to point.

Be careful not to shift the fabric and move the ruler for the horizontal cut.

Open up and VOILA!

Now it’s time to arrange the blocks the way you want them.
So there you have it! Another amazing quilter who knows how to take chances and come up with an amazing block!!!


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3 responses to “Nancys’ version of a 9 patch

  1. Barbara

    Absolutely outstanding – I love the transformation of the batiks. Many thanks for the explicit instruction as I think I am going to try this too !


  2. Ellen

    that is really cool.


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