Four Months in review..

Red All Over

This one perfected my un- sewing techniques!


Yesterday was my fourth month on here blogging about quilts and life that gets in the way of quilting. It has become more than just an online journal but a relationship with each of you. I have learned so much from y’all. So many days I sat in front of this empty screen wondering what to say. Let’s face it some days nothing quilty comes up.  

I haven’t always been able to quilt but reading your blogs and seeing your quilts have kept me inspired and prodded me along. 

A few months ago I reorganized my quilt room but you wouldn’t know by the looks of it today. I still want to reorganize my fabrics on the comic cards .. there’s scraps all over the floor.. the window is smeared with doggie nose prints and the longarm table has a stack of quilts on it. The cutting table is covered with fabric, magazines and notions.. and a stack of mending is draped over the back of my chair. My desk top is still stacked with software I’ve yet to load onto my new computer. Yes, the shot glass is still sitting by my sewing machine and a bowl of chocolate by my embroidery machine.

I’ve gotten my new meds after much drama and gotten through the initial reactions and I am able to walk much better. Each of you covered each day of that with prayer without which I know I would not have made it. I took on the task of painting the house and even climbed a ladder, although I did have to tie myself to it I was able to do it. That task is still half way done and on good days I will continue to fight that fight. The house will be painted.  I drove for the first time in weeks this week and I think it may be safe again. I still won’t go anywhere alone just in case.

I’ve also gotten a few quilts made. Not as many as I would have liked but I’m satisfied with what I’ve accomplished. I’ve seen quilting I want to emulate and quilts I want to try making. I still have so far to go but I am enjoying the journey!


look for this next! a disappearing 9 patch redo


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