Repair Process.. it’s like a virus

Here's Timmy! See the micro handles DH made for me..

Shhhh.. Don’t tell anyone, but I have nothing to say. Isn’t that the strangest thing?

I didn’t finish anything, didn’t start anything.. Didn’t even decide anything.

Yesterday was a day filled with car repairs… takin ’em in… pickin’ ’em up.. not to mention the one DH is workin’ on in the garage. There are six cars in our yard and we have one that is running.. actually two  after yesterday. One of those is my Moms car that she lets us drive (that’s the one that was in the shop). One is DH’s project car (I call her the other woman), DH has a truck that the front end needs fixing, DD’s truck is in the process of new brakes and struts, DS#3’s convertible, actually I think his is running now.

I can’t think of a way to tie up all that with a quilting thought. Wait I think I’ve got it!! Okay, Okay okay.. I bought my Timmy (Tin Lizzie 18) 3 years ago, there are no local dealers or service. It came from California. Yesterday I was finally told how to fix it! The dealer from California called and explained it to me! See, it takes anywhere from 2 – 10 extra stitches when you needle up. You know like trying to bring up the thread tails.. there was no way I was shipping it back for something that small that I knew they could tell me how to fix. I just figured I would live with it until I could nag them into telling me. It only took three years! I don’t blame them, they wanted to fix it and if you do anything wrong in this adjustment you can in fact fry the thing. No, I didn’t fry it and now TA-DAA! I can bring the tails up! WHOO HOO!

I understand things break and wear out and at times need adjusting. But have you noticed how it’s like a process.. when one gets fixed another breaks or one goes into the shop then another needs to go too? The last thing I wanted was the sewing machines to start that process!


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One response to “Repair Process.. it’s like a virus

  1. I know that feeling so well-when one thing breaks it begins a cascade of things. Glad you got Timmy back in working order.


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