Round and round I sew..

When I’ll be done nobody knows! 

and this doesn't count the yards I have mixed else where!

Turning the quilt round and round to blanket stitch all the circles is not as easy as you would think. I have now decided I need a larger flat surface all the way around the machine. I made an extension table out of 1/4 inch plexiglass when I first bought the machine but it doesn’t extend far enough to the left. Maybe it’s time to make a bigger one of them, I do like the height. I’ve priced them and it’s much more cost effective to buy a plastic jig saw blade and a sheet of  lexan. Not to mention I can use the scraps to make some guides for the longarm. If I can get the scroll saw unearthed out there I might even be able to make circles.

That project is for another day though. I have quilts to make! I’m still enjoying these circles, the colors playing off each other.. I just love batiks!

So I’m gonna stick with the Disappearing 4 patch for the wedding quilt though I may stick a few of the disappearing four patch pinwheels in there just for kicks if I have enough time.. I’ve glanced at my stash and I’ve got quite the assortment of greens in there.. so I may end up going scrappy. But in addition to the green stack I have yards mixed in with my stacks that are set up by where I purchased them. I have a delicious green from Ohio and one from Tennessee!

But at this point I don’t have to decide yet. I’m just trying to not go buy more fabric.. I don’t need it! I even have enough for the backing too! We’ll see how long that lasts…  Another project for another day… time to start going round and round!


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