Quick Wedding Quilt

Celtic Wedding quilt?

Okay, this just in! I forgot (yes, I know I always forget) I have to make a wedding quilt for a friends wedding. It’s an old friend or someone who used to be a friend. So I have a little bit of an excuse to forget.

So on to the real problem.. Irish chain or celtic knot or Quilt in a Days Lovers Knot? It’s got to be fast.. don’t ask when I have to have it by that part is depressing.. but I can do this!
Not sure why I want to make a quilt I just got it into my head when I remembered.. it’s got to be green and white, it’s an Irish thing.. they are of Irish heritage and using that as a theme. 
Any ideas would be helpful! I’m planning a lap sized not king sized. Quilting all over pattern nothing intricate. probably shamrocks or just lines.


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3 responses to “Quick Wedding Quilt

  1. I love the idea of the Celtic knot done in green and white! That is such an amazingly complex-looking quilt!


  2. jennyklyon

    I don’t know if you’re “wedded” to the whole Celtic thing, but I saw this post and thought it was a great easy design: http://quiltfever.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/2011-charity-quilt-3-started/
    Looks harder than it is. Just a thought!


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