Getting there…

Four more bubbles then its time too attach them!!

I’ve got one more set of bubbles and then I start to attach all the circles. Then I do a bit of thread work. Jenny Lyons the Quilt Skipper, had an awesome idea for the circles I’ll be thread working and I can’t wait to try it!  But I will have to practice a bit before I start.. now is not the time for a major goof. Of course I have already had the major goof so I don’t want another. Some of the thread work will be done on just the top then I’ll do more once I get it on the table and sandwiched. It’s finally coming together…

So, I ran out of iron on stabilizer when I was making the circles so I just used what I had and added fusible web. I’ve used it before and it’s a neat trick.
And look what got here yesterday! Yep, the metallic needles for my Tin Lizzie!!
So I’m gonna get outta here and see if I can get a little more done today. Hoping y’all have a beautiful day and find small treasures that make you smile.


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2 responses to “Getting there…

  1. I like it. Good luck. I hope your day proves to be rewarding and that you have much to show (to yourself) at the end. Take care.


  2. It’s looking really nice. Can’t wait to see your thread work.


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