Back at it!!

All the kids made it!Easter was wonderful! All the kids were here.. not sure if there will be many more like that. Soon I will have to start doing the traveling to them. Of course that means I won’t be the one cooking or cleaning up so it won’t be all bad.

 Quilt City is gearing up for the show in just a few days. I can hardly wait to see the quilts!  Once the shows over I’ll be ordering one of the show CDs so I can look at them all. It’s not the same as being there but I just can’t pass up the opportunity to see them all.

Meanwhile I’m getting back at it. One stitch at a time, or one circle at a time. Maybe.. just maybe I can get-r-done this week. Now wouldn’t that be something? Well that’s only if nothing else comes up this week. I just don’t know how everyone else does it. Getting all those quilts finished..



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2 responses to “Back at it!!

  1. jennyklyon

    Those are Precious Mommy Moments when all the kids are home. We’ve had 4 “last vacations” so now they make fun of me when I say “this might be our last family vacation”… Glad you had such a blessed Easter!


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