You knew it was coming..

I entered this quilt for the Challenge.. I had to pick one that was finished

Here are the Quilt Design Star™ submissions we have approved. We will use your feedback to select finalists to participate in our 3 challenges.

It’s time to critique my quilt! Please add comments to my entry, you have to go this web site to add comments.. McCalls Quilt Design Star… be honest! Maybe not the best choice but it was the only one I could get my hands on. I wanted to use my Aunt’s quilt but if I needed to have it or send it..

  My Aunts quilt I couldn’t have gotten in time for the contest.


Happy Easter!! He is Risen!!!!



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4 responses to “You knew it was coming..

  1. hahaha…what makes you think you can get THAT one?? NOT!! That one resides on my bed, which would be ever-so-empty without it…. it is awesome tho, btw… 🙂


  2. LOL! I could MAKE you send it!!


  3. I wonder what makes you think YOU could make ME do anything??? maybe the promise of a king-size velvet quilt to grace my bed one day, but NOT one-day-Billy….


    • I told you … you come here and help me move it around and I will make a velvet quilt.. but I AIN’T loading and unloading that thing.. been there done that! The last one nearly killed me! You would if it won! You would be tickled if YOUR quilt was the WINNER!


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