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I wish I could work as fast and learn as much as this woman! I just had to share this tip with yall. If I had this tip I wouldn’t have had to buy a longarm machine!!  Visit her blog she had two classes this weekend! Bet you’re dying to know the other!!!


Working a queen sized quilt under a standard domestic machine is a tough go. How you baste it can significantly affect how well the process goes. Sharon has devised a way to baste quilts using hand basting instead of pin basting. As a result, the sandwiched quilt is lighter (no safety pins!), the pins don’t get stuck under your presser foot and you can correct wobbly seams easier than with pin basting.

This quilt top, “Meet Me In Paris” was finished when my piecing skills were still “developing”. As a result, the top is a bit wonky. I thought Sharon’s Way would be a good solution to that problem.

I first rolled the top, batt and backing onto individual boards that were just a tad longer than the fabric. That allows you to control

the piece and keep everything taut without distortion or stretching.

Then I stacked them atop each other on my dining room table and unrolled them in sequence, creating my quilt sandwich. The tools needed are simple but specific: quilt basting needles and

embroidery or tatting thread-no substitutions!

I rolled out just enough to comfortably reach from a sitting position, and began to put in herringbone stitches, 3 fingers apart. I moved in a “u”, starting at my belly, working stitches towards the boards, then 3 fingers across, then worked towards myself, continuing on until I completed a section. I then unrolled another section and continued on in the same manner until I was done. It took me about 10(?) hours to complete.

Using this method I found it easy to correct wobbles as I went along-or so I think I did-we’ll see. I will take out the basting thread section by section as I begin to quilt. It’s so nice to have this quilt top all sandwiched up and ready to go-without safety pins. Now the fun part begins-the quilting-yipee!!!!

via Learning from Linda and Sharon | Quilt Skipper.



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  1. jennyklyon

    Thank you for the post! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Easter.


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