Slow News Day.. WRONG!

This Quilt Blog is temporarily interrupted to alert everyone to a vitally important topic. They have found a new Jason Bourne.. and like James Bond before him .. the original  is always the best… having had a heated debate over this subject I continue to stand by this fact!

Since I didn’t actually get anything done yesterday it’s hard to decide what I want to talk about. Well actually it’s not. Let’s face it I usually have too much to say! No big plans for today.. clean the bathroom, sweep/mop and make deviled eggs. That’s it, my work list. I decided to wait on getting up on the ladder until after Easter. Somehow fearing Easter in the ER.. you know, just in case?

I’ve had quite a few people weigh in on whether I should add borders. So far I am holding the decision until the top is completed. It’s funny, I also post pictures on my Facebook page and I was told it looked too busy and they thought they were mushrooms. I’m not sure how to remedy that.. but I’m still thinking about it. Again that’s something to look at once I get the circles finished.. I may have to rethink this if I can’t step back and see bubbles..

Meanwhile I hope to get another dozen or so circles finished today inbetween all the work I have to do.. okay so there’s not a lot but I’m near the end of a book I’m reading and I really want to finish it today. The Shack, a friend lent it to me and it’s got me hooked. It’s been quite some time since I had an actual book. I used to have stacks everywhere. Now there’s only stacks of magazines!

 I’m off to start my day… I wish each of you a Joy-filled Easter!  He is Risen!



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2 responses to “Slow News Day.. WRONG!

  1. I had not heard that there would be a new Bourne movie-am sad Damon will not be in it. Glad you decided to wait with the ladder. It may just be me, but I don’t see mushrooms. I guess I would pay the most attention to the comments made by the person who is to receive it. No matter what you decide, it will be the right decision. Take care!


  2. It just won’t be the same without Matt!!
    I don’t see mushrooms either but that was the person who WAS to recieve it. Obviously I’ll have to pick a different quilt.. one that they like.. THX


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