Does it need a Border??

Not even half way there!

This is taking a lot more bubbles than I thought! Maybe I should have made it smaller? Naw.. I wanted it twin sized and that’s what it’s gonna be. But ya know it’s not looking right yet.  Something is definitely missing. I think it needs borders.. I’m going to keep thinking about it as I make these bubbles. Then if it does need borders what kind of borders and how many?

Wow.. now I’ve gone off on a tangent.. so many decisions! Maybe I should stick with patterns! Hah! We know better than that because I do the same thing with patterns I start to follow. I change everything as I go!
I’ve got plenty of time to ponder as I will be making more bubbles for at least the next week.
Meanwhile I am taking today off and celebrating Good Friday. Hope you all have a blessed day!


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4 responses to “Does it need a Border??

  1. Your quilt is looking really cool! I think it is too soon to decide about a border(s). Possibly because most of the quilt is light you could use something to reflect the color in the bubbles. But wait till you have the look you want for the interior.


  2. Your quilt is really taking shape. I know you are excited to get to this point. Personally, I am a border fan but not all quilts need a “border.” Have a great day and Happy Easter!


    • Thanks! Happy Easter to you.. He is Risen!!!!

      Still at odds over the border.. shhh.. I have someone in mind for this quilt and they have weighed in on facebook about it.. isn’t that funny? They don’t watch my blog so it’s all good. But it’s so funny! they’re critiqueing their own quilt!!!


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