Longarm Supplies…

Extension Table

I ordered the needles for metallic thread that fit Timmy.. they should be here by the time I have all these bubbles finished. I was also thinking about getting a circle template so far I’ve done everything freehand but I’m thinking it sure would be nice. But then so would a bed extension. It’s shopping fun? I started out just needing needles and now I have a list of “stuff” I gotta have!


Of course I have a stack of acrylic stock so I could have DH make it for me.. yeah that’s it.. NOT! I had to make the extension bed for Vern, I gave up waiting on him to make it for me. I used to be pretty good with power tools. Maybe I’ll invade the man cave and make up a set. Yeah, in my spare time when I’m not quilting and painting the house! That’s back on my work list. I plan to tempt fate and get up on that 28 foot ladder! ARGH! But in his defence, his work list is a lot longer than mine.

Well, I’m gonna get back to making a ton of circles if I want to be ready when those needles get here.


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