Making Bubbles.. tiny bubbles

It’s a good thing making bubbles are fun! I have a ba-zillion more to go! It’s a fun little foot attachment but not as accurate as I hoped. I may try the brother attachment just to see if I like it better. That one looks a lot more sturdy and like it will be more accurate.. of course it should be since it costs so much! (I’m just sayin’)

I’m pulling the colors from this fabric..

I finally decided on colors. Well it went quicker once that was the only thing to do before I could make bubbles.

It takes longer to get the hoop under there and back than to sew them. Yes the shorter hoop slides really easy but is smaller so I had to re position the fabric for each circle. Okay so I’m a lazy today! 

I really want to go get some real bubbles! I love to watch them float away.. now this is a huge bubble!

Just look at the colors in this bubble!

This picture is close to what I was thinking with the colors. I think my big bubble fabric reflects it and with metallic quilting thread I may just make it. I may have to do a bit of thread painting which is slow work for me. But very calming, so that’s a good thing.

Do any of y’all use a longarm? I have a Tin Lizzie and finding needles is not an easy task. I have not found a metallic needle for it. Any of y’all have any suggestions?


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2 responses to “Making Bubbles.. tiny bubbles

  1. jennyklyon

    If you want big bubbles, try this-it will work beautifully: It’s to be used for regular free motion but I have used it also to make a big circle. I would try finding other sized circle things I could find around the house to use the same concept of butting my FM foot against the outside of the circle to make my quilted circles. You have chosen an ambitious quilting motif and I think it is going to be fabulous when you are done.


    • Now that looks like something I could use! Thanks! Yep I was going for a paint can.. dont have coffee cans any more… well I have to get a bunch more circles made before I can start quilting.. and I have to draw my plans ahead of mounting it.
      Thanks for the great ideas!


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